Monday, July 31, 2006

ITE winds up

The International Turning Exchange is nearly over and Hilary Pfeifer has completed her installation project. This is quiet a long post and one really needs to see several of the pictures to really understand what it is all about. There are no hollow vessels, natural edges or exotic woods here. Just some blocks of wood turned on multiple axes, painted red , blue and yellow and hung on wires in an alleyway. I guess this is what happens when you let an artist loose with a lathe - something different to the norm. The title for this installation is "Liminal Space".

An exhibit of the work created by the 2006 International Turning Exchange opens on Friday. AllTURNatives: International Turning Exchange 2006, Aug. 4 - Oct. 21, 2006. On Saturday there is an opportunity to join the 2006 ITE artists and Executive Director Albert LeCoff for a gallery talk and discussion panel featuring the art created during this year's residency.

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