Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Carnival of the Creators #11

Welcome to the 11th edition of Carnival of the Creators, a monthly roundup of creativity in the blogosphere. Last month the carnival visited Grackle Stew.

This month the carnival concentrates solely on wood.

Rockler's Woodworking Blog looks at the Advantages of Designing Your Own Projects.

Woodturner Andi Wolfe is currently taking a five day course with Jean-Fran├žois Escoulen. She is learning to use a bedan and how turn trembleurs.

Christopher Schwarz of Woodworking magazine builds a Roman-style plane.

Philly makes his own moulding planes.

Hilary Pfeifer has been blogging from the International Turning Exchange and reports on progress with her installation and a collaborative bowl made from laminated pegboard.

Also from the ITE, Vincent Romaniello has made a short video promoting the Open Community Day this coming Saturday.

Woodturner Dennis Laidler makes a collaborative piece with Carol Rix.

I'm very pleased to see that a Nigerian 419 scammer is spending his time more wisely and has taken up woodcarving. And if you don't believe how much wood shrinks, be sure to read the whole article on 419eater.

That's it for this month. If you would like to host a forthcoming edition, or have a creative blog post to submit for inclusion, please see Carnival of the Creators for details.

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