Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mathematics or art?

If you think that cutting up and gluing together the pieces for a segmented turning is time consuming, take a look at the work of Elias Wakan. The site is quite extensive and includes some essays, and an article on The Arabesque Construction Series which jig making enthusiasts will enjoy.

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Grain raising

When I make salad bowls and other food use bowls that are going to be washed, I put them through a grain raising process before applying an oil finish. This helps to maintain a smooth finish when it is eventually put to use and washed.

Once the bowl has been turned, I dunk it into a sink full of clean warm water. This causes the grain to swell unevenly and the surface will feel rough. When dry, the bowl is lightly sanded and oiled.

This technique should also be used before using water based stains on wood.