Thursday, October 12, 2006

Woodturning on YouTube

A number of woodturning videos have been added to YouTube recently, so I thought I would review some of them them here. (I have Basil the Donkey staying with me at the moment and he wanted to see some other woodturners in action.) I hope you all have broadband!

Wendy has a great little introduction to woodturning that you can show your friends if they don't know what you do in your workshop all day long. Y Gweithdy Cymraeg is a demonstration of spindle turning and shows a baby rattle being turned. I hope your Welsh is good, but it's lovely to listen to anyway.

Perhaps the most useful video for beginners is a series on bowl turning with J.T. Dunphy. In part 1 we see how a spalted maple log is prepared for the lathe and in part 2 the outside of the bowl is turned. Part 3 shows the inside of the bowl and how the blank is waxed ready for drying. Two months later, part 4 shows J.T. finishing the outside of the bowl. Director Chris Anderson says that part 5 is coming soon.

The StuIn Tokyo Channel has a few short videos based on what he learnt from Eli Avisera and demonstrates the bowl scraper, double-bevel bowl gouge and how to sharpen this gouge using a jig.

Taking a step back in time there is a demonstration at the Museum of London of a treadle lathe which is a reconstruction of one drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, circa 1480. Cranking up the pace now, Urban trash turns a pawn in 44 seconds - not really but it's an interesting piece of video.

A. B. Petrow shows a quick clip of turning a Parker style pen in stone on a wood lathe while this video has a different take on pen turning all together.

Do leave a comment and tell me which videos you liked the best.

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Vincent Romaniello said...

The above link is to some videos on woodturning I just loaded for those who have trouble watching the Quciktime version on my site at

Thank you for the other links. I have seen a few already but there are others I look forward to watching.

Andy Coates said...

Hello there,

I always enjoy your Blog, and call back too infrequently. The YouTube links are great; I hadn't thought to look for turning on there. JT's have to be my favourite. Turners are an odd lot; we seem to love watching others turn almost as much as turning ourselves! Keep up the good work.

Many thanks

Andy Coates

Derek Andrews said...

Andy, thanks for your comments about The ToolRest. It's really nice to know that someone is reading it, and more importantly that they enjoy it and find it useful.

If you want to keep in touch with the blog regularly, I recommend subscribing to the feed with your newsreader, or subscribing to the e-mail announcement list where I post an excerpt and link to the blog.

Derek Andrews said...

The link Vincent posted to his video on YouTube didn't work for me, but I found it at

Dan said...

I've just bought my very first wood lathe and I'm having great fun learning how to use it on my own. But I must say, I learned more from that simple video with baby rattle, than I've learned on my own in the last week. Thanks for posting the links, and I'll keep checking back for more help, I'll need it I'm sure. Dan

Derek Andrews said...

Hi Dan, welcome to the world of woodturning, and to The ToolRest in particular.

I'm glad you found the link to the video useful, and I wish you all the best with your turning endeavours. Many of the posts here are inspired by questions and comments I get from readers, so don't be afraid to drop me an e-mail anytime.

One Artistic said...

I lurk, posting infrequently if at all. I make a living turning. Forget to say "thank you" often enough, so thank you, already! ;-) Warm Regards, Debie

Keith said...

Great blog. Really enjoyed poking around. Here is another video on turning that might interest - Don Leman: Precision by Design - A Profile of Segmented Turner Don Leman and his thoughts on the art of segmented turning -