Monday, March 10, 2008


You are probably familiar with Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Now there is another wiki, one specifically for woodworkers, called wikiWOOD.

It is still very much in it's infancy, and there isn't a lot there yet, so this is a good opportunity for new editors to get involved and maybe set some benchmarks. A good place to start is the Community Portal, but woodturners may also want to join the Woodturning WikiCommunity, a collaborative group dedicated to improving WikiWOOD's coverage of woodturning and the organization of articles on the topic.

There are plenty of ways to contribute to wikiWOOD. You could jump right in and start a new article, but if you want to start small, then a simple contribution to an article like 'List of national woodturning organizations' is something that even a newcomer to both wikis and woodturning could have a go at. If you are good with a camera, then photographs are always needed.

I hope to see you over there soon. This is a great opportunity to help build a one-stop source of information about woodturning.