Thursday, November 23, 2006

DiscussingThe Art of Woodturning

There are many great online forums where woodturning tools and techniques are discussed, and where our latest creations can be displayed. But surprisingly enough there are no forum categories encouraging the discussion of woodturning as an artform. This is a real shame, and is perhaps holding back many people from developing their woodturning beyond being just a craft skill. It certainly is a problem for me.

At my request, the Wood Turning Center have kindly added a category The Art of Woodturning to their forum. Do check it out. I have started one thread, asking "Should woodturners extend their artistic vocabulary"? Please leave your thoughts on this thread, and if you have anything else to discuss please start a new thread. It would also be nice to hear your thoughts and ideas for developing this forum. Don't be shy. You don't need to be an art expert - I'm certainly not, but I do want to learn more and develop my thinking on the subject.

One thing I hope is that artists from other disciplines will drop by the forum and add to the discussion. I think that woodturning can only benefit from input from other viewpoints and it might address some of the concerns that I blogged about in Inspiration for woodturners.

See you soon on The Art of Woodturning.

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