Thursday, November 16, 2006

What would you like to see on video?

Last month I pointed out some woodturning videos on YouTube. Chris Anderson, the producer of the videos featuring J.T.Dunphy, has written to me asking for your help in planning more woodturning videos. Here is what he says:
"I'm in talks with JT about making a follow-up--especially for YouTube, so short segments are likely and I'm looking for suggestions. If your readers would like to help in the development of this, I think we could accomodate their interests. I'm hoping that YouTube (and other sites like it) can become gathering spots for artists and those merely curious about the arts!"
This is a great opportunity to have your say about the type of video content you want to see. Maybe you have a particular interest that hasn't been covered on video before? Or maybe you have some insight into what makes a truly great video? Or just something you really think should be on YouTube. Please leave a comment below and I will see that Chris receives it. If you prefer to talk with Chris directly, you can find his contact details on his website,

"The aim of ARTinRES is to give viewers a "behind the scenes" look at working artists in order to de-mystify the creative process, heighten appreciation for the artistic community's contribution to our lives, and to reveal the commitment artists make to their work. Chris has taught English for the past fifteen years and is currently an instructor at Columbus State Community College, Ohio. The AiR series answers his life-long dream to make documentary films."

Skew Chisel: The Darkside & The Sweet Side with Alan LacerSkew Chisel: The Darkside & The Sweet Side with Alan Lacer
Learn to Handle the Most Challenging Tool in All of Woodturning... Video available on VHS and DVD.

Skew Chisel: The Darkside & The Sweet Side with Alan Lacer

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Persnickety said...

This blog post was a long time ago, but maybe if it was re-posted it would be a better time for it, as YouTube is now mainstream.

I'd love to see someone turn a sculpture like the triptych piece on website, or a simple weedpot would be nice too.