Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spare wheels for the Beall buffing system

When you order spare wheels for the Beall Buffing System, make sure you order the right ones. I just discovered that they sell two different types; one for the standard motor-mounted buffer, and one for the three-on-a-mandrel system.

The difference is in the mounting hole. The wheels for the mandrel system have a much larger hole. So when I realised my mistake and figured out what was going on, I decided to turn a spacer rather than go to the trouble of returning the wheel. Here you can see the new wooden spacer mounted on the bolt.

The spacer is turned so that it is a snug fit in the hole. It's length is a little trickier. It needs to be long enough to support the wheel, but not so long that it prevents the nut tightening sufficiently to grip the wheel. Hopefully though, you will never need to do this!

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