Friday, November 18, 2005

Stair Spindles

If you need some inspiration for your next stair spindle design, check out the Old Basing Woodworking Co website which has over one hundred examples shown.

I'm not suggesting of course that you copy a design. There is much more to be achieved by studying the designs and creating your own. A good place to start is to decide which ones you like, or dislike, and then try to decide why!

For example, on the first page I don't find any merit in numbers 11 and 13. They are both rather clumsy, and incorporate very little fine details to balance the large elements.

Not that a lot of detailing is essential to a good design. Number 9 achieves a simple elegance with just a few beads top and bottom, one large bead in the middle, and two graceful long curves.

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