Friday, September 09, 2005

About me

Derek Andrews, woodturner
My name is Derek Andrews. I have been a full time woodturner since 1995. My business name is Seafoam Woodturning Studio. It is located on the beautiful north shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, in a tiny community called Seafoam. The nearest village is River John.

I mainly make small giftware items, some of which you can see in my online store. I also make a few pieces of a more creative nature, and you may also want to see some of my past works.

The Toolrest will be of most interest to other woodturners. I will include all sorts of hints, tips and techniques that I use in my own workshop. There will also be links to other websites about woodturning, other woodturning blogs, woodturning in the press, events - in fact, just about anything to do with woodturning. I will probably also mention other woodworking disciplines from time to time.

I also write another blog, The Chipshop, which is intended more for customers and collectors of my work. Its purpose is to provide background information about woodturning to non-practitioners, as well as to keep readers up-to-date with what is happening in the studio.

Should you wish to contact me, you will find all the usual channels here. If you have something to say about a particular blog post, please leave a comment, or make a trackback from your own blog.

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